WHY PRODUCTION SERVICES? Because making great music is just part of making a great record.
While good musical ideas captured in the studio should speak for themselves, today’s music market is more competitive than ever before. Tons of bands are on their own making good records, but it’s the really good records that make it to the next level.

Polishing your record with solid production work, developing strong, compelling packaging, and connecting with the right distribution and promotion channels once all is said and done are key components in transitioning your record from an album that your friends and family love to an album loved by the masses.

Producing Even the best records can benefit from an outside perspective helping to tighten rhythms, bolster dynamics, fix up little tuning issues, and polish up a final product.

With a strong ear for intonation, a good sense for musical direction, and a near perverse attention to detail, I can help transition your project into something exceptional. Click here for details about record producing.

Typography and Design Now that your record sounds great, you need a great package to go with it. Album artwork can make your CD be the one picked up from piles of records cluttering the desks of your favorite reviewers, DJs, and label execs.

Everyone wants a visual package that sets their band apart as much a their music does, and I can help create a unique look and feel for your album.
More information coming soon about typography and design work!

Consulting As if making a record isn’t hard enough, there are tons of decisions to make about what to do with it once your project is complete.

As more and more people self-release records, there is more information to learn from and share. Having countless resources online is immensely helpful, but talking to someone in the real world about costs, benefits and drawbacks can be even better. More information coming soon about consulting services!