May 29, 2010 Join The Thoughts at the Northwest Folklife Festival as they debut new songs and new instruments like the harp!

Summer 2010 Keep an eye out for exciting news about The Thoughts upcoming album including your chance to make a difference.

August 2010 Join Norman Baker and his band, The Babbling Brook, at Connor Byrnes pub in Ballard.

A painter paints pictures on canvas.
But musicians paint their pictures on silence.

-Leopold Stokowski
Long ago, I began believing that music evokes a common-ness between selves--that the walls separating us from one another are momentarily eclipsed by the shared space of a song. And so, decades ago, I picked up a violin and began sharing the moments, the places, of Bach and Berlioz with loved ones and strangers. More recently, I found other landscapes to inhabit. Read more about me
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